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Carpet Cleaning Methods Explained – Encapsulation Cleaning

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The encapsulation method of carpet cleaning was developed primarily for use in the commercial setting, where it’s very low moisture level and quick drying times meant carpet cleaning resulted in minimal disruption to business activities.

Now, though, this unique carpet cleaning technology is being seen more often in the domestic setting, as consumers who are fed up with their carpets taking days or hours to dry out after traditional “steam cleaning” are looking for more user-friendly modern, carpet cleaning methods.

So how does encapsulation cleaning work?

At the heart of the process is unique polymer chemistry which is applied to the carpet and which forms distinct encapsulating crystals as it dries.

The first stage of the process – as it should be with any carpet cleaning technique – is to thoroughly vacuum the carpet to be cleaned. If you do not remove the dry soil by vacuuming, then applying a … Read More